<br/><br/>The professional facilities available at Atlantic Port of Bordeaux

The professional facilities available at Atlantic Port of Bordeaux
Over a hundred businesses, working constantly to offer ever better services.

Port Community

The Union Maritime et Portuaire de Bordeaux (UMPB -  Bordeaux Maritime Port Union), is a professional union subject to the law of March 21st 1884, bringing together all of the private companies which constitute the port community. In a broader sense, the Union unites all stakeholders in the Port of Bordeaux’s activity and development.

Beyond the traditional port services sphere, the Union also represents the interests of related storage and distribution companies and sea-land interface agents, industrial operators based in the various industrial zones connected to the port, and, more broadly speaking, all port users and interested parties. The Union represents the whole maritime sector, working constantly to boost the competitiveness and reliability of the Port’s services. It is a unifying force for a tight-knit port community, working to establish greater synergy and closer relationships between all port professionals and clients.

More information at www.uniport-bordeaux.fr