<br/><br/>Atlantic Port of Bordeaux

Atlantic Port of Bordeaux
A key asset in the development of a dynamic, international region.

The Port and the Region

A dynamic region

As the third largest French region in terms of size, Aquitaine benefits from strong population growth (with a predicted increase of 20% by 2030). Renowned for its vitality, it offers businesses an attractive setting, adapted to their development needs. As France’s top region for the creation of green jobs, this area boasts many sectors of expertise, and is thus a rich source of jobs (1.3 million jobs, of which 12% in the industrial sector).
With 850,000 inhabitants in the city of Bordeaux and close to 1.42 million in the Gironde department, over the past decade the region has entered a new phase of its development, with a number of high-profile development projects emerging as strategic responses to future challenges such as mobility, energy independence ...

Modern port facilities

Connected and open to the world, Aquitaine benefits from the presence of a centrally-located port which is tailored to the region’s commercial and industrial needs: 300 ports all over the world are served each week by the terminals of Atlantic Port of Bordeaux, with quick access to all local and global markets. With its efficient infrastructure, its seven specialised terminals and its strategic location on the Atlantic coast, the Port of Bordeaux is a key asset to the region’s development and international status, providing new market opportunities for the regional economy (sectors such as timber, agriculture, viticulture and energy). It reinforces the appeal of the Bordeaux area, an economic hub midway between Paris and Madrid, and Western Europe’s gateway to the Atlantic..

Efficient infrastructures

Bordeaux is ideally positioned at the heart of a dense and diversified network of transportation options, by sea (Atlantic Port of Bordeaux), by air (5th largest French airport), by train (with the arrival of the South Europe Atlantic TGV – over 20 million passengers are expected) or by road (with a service spread over five main routes, the A89, A62, A63, A65 and A10). A strategically-placed crossroad for South-West Europe, Bordeaux is a major centre of international trade, and also supports numerous, innovative energy-saving initiatives.