Atlantic Port of Bordeaux is your one-click port of call!

Atlantic Port of Bordeaux simplifies all the port transit formalities for you: requesting berth to dock, customs clearance, declaring port charges... Everything is done in one click through Bordeaux’s innovative electronic port single window, the result of a unique partnership between Customs, the port and its stakeholders. Regulatory compliance is guaranteed through complete integration of software that sets the standard in its field: AP+, VIGIE2 and DELTA. This is the POSEIDON system.
Aware of the importance of this approach and to boost its competitiveness, Atlantic Port of Bordeaux is thus preparing to implement the electronic port single window planned by the European Union for 1st June 2015.

To use the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux electronic port single window service, please contact the Maritime and Port Union of Bordeaux.

The Bordeaux system ready for export

The Atlantic Port of Bordeaux project can of course be replicated in your own ports. Simplifying port transit procedures and the traceability of port charges are possible in all ports, even the smallest ones.

Atlantic Port of Bordeaux can help you set up your port single window thanks to:

  • Its regulatory and operational expertise– Bordeaux is a pilot port in the harmonisation of procedures for the Directorate General of Customs
  • Its experience in supporting changes in ports– training, project owner assistance, help with project management...
  • Its technical knowledge of port information systems
  • Its VIGIE2 port information system, the focal point of the port single window

For more information on the port single window, VIGIE2 and the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux information system services, click here and please feel free to contact us by email

More information on VIGIE2: the port information system and focal point of the electronic port single window