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Digital port services - VIGIESIP



VIGIEsip is a "Port Community system," an information system that allows the people involved in the port to work together safely. VIGIEsip covers all the processes involved in a port call, while facilitating the reporting formalities.

VIGIEsip is used by ship captains or representatives, freight forwarders, port officers, port managers and all service providers involved in a port call:

  • Single Window environment required by the European Reporting Formalities Directive, including hazardous materials and waste,
  • Exchanges with the administrations and private information systems (shipping companies, port software/CCS like AP+, etc.),
  • Monitoring navigation (interfaces with the radar systems and AIS),
  • Integrating information necessary for navigation,
  • Managing the port call and interactions with the port professionals,
  • Port charges,
  • Port statistics.

This port call management software is based entirely on free software components and advanced software development methods (Responsive Design, Scrum approach) to obtain a simple and user-friendly application that meets the operational needs and integrates seamlessly in the digital communications of the logistics chain.

It is hosted in the cloud to avoid hardware investments and offer a reassuring availability rate (99.90%).



VIGIEsip is your single window


Simplify port transit

After having improved VIGIEsip on several occasions, Atlantic Port of Bordeaux has released version 2.0. This major development improves the services to users and integrates the regulatory changes arising from European directives, powerful hotline management supported by a wiki, tools to generate Eurostat statistics, and new simplified reporting from the ships (AnNa file). It has also been upgraded for RGS certification (General Security Database), and complies with the new Information Systems Security Policies (PSSI).

Other services include:



Exemplary development

Regularly cited as an example of innovative development, Bordeaux’s electronic single window was rolled out early on in anticipation of European regulations. It is the result of a unique partnership between the customs services, the port and its professionals.


VIGIEsip, an advantage for tourism and the cruise sector


The VIGIEsip software is used by the ocean and river cruise sector with two goals:

  • Know traffic in real time in the harbour (cruise ships at dock or in movement)
  • Enable shipowners, via their agents, to request a port call at the terminals or docks, and more generally coordinate the river cruise activity on the Gironde estuary, the Garonne and the Dordogne.




VIGIEsip and related expertise


The innovative approach of the Port of Bordeaux authority is replicable and can be adapted to any port. Even the smallest ports can benefit from simplified port transit procedures and easily keep track of port charges. Atlantic Port of Bordeaux can help you set up your single window thanks to:

  • Our regulatory and functional expertise – Bordeaux was the pilot port in harmonising procedures at the General Directorate of Customs and is part of the Maritime Single Window AnNa system set up in Europe to support the Directive 2010/65
  • Our experience in change management at ports – training, technical assistance to project owners, project management
  • Our technical expertise in port information systems
  • Our VIGIEsip port information system, focal point of the single window designed by the teams of the Port of Bordeaux

Atlantic Port of Bordeaux is ready to test VIGIEsip and share best practices including in maritime instrumentation (radars, tide gauge network, management of complex projects such as the passage of Airbus barges under the Pont de Pierre in Bordeaux).

Atlantic Port of Bordeaux can respond to public calls for tender (example of the Port of Strasbourg, client since 2017) or support you in the form of a partnership.

For more information: innovation@bordeaux-port.fr


VIGIE ports 


Nine French port authorities managing 15 ports have already chosen to join the Economic Interest Grouping VIGIE Ports, in order to use VIGIEsip, the Port of Bordeaux’s information system to simplify maritime trade and meet the requirements of the European Reporting Formalities Directive. Ports on France’s Atlantic Cost (mainland and overseas ports) and the ports of the Languedoc-Roussillon region have come together to pool their resources.

As designer and developer of VIGIEsip, Atlantic Port of Bordeaux is in charge of the operation and maintenance of the port information system, and the design and development of new features desired by the members of the EIG.

VIGIE Ports is the preferred means for replicating VIGIEsip in other ports in France, simply by joining the EIG.

Do you want to implement VIGIEsip in your port, or benefit from the digital expertise of 15 ports with a view to pooling resources?

Contact the EIG VIGIE ports