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Super Yachts and Luxury Yachts

Your call in a prestigious destination



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Getting to Bordeaux


To find out about stopping in Bordeaux (and the other terminals of Atlantic Port of Bordeaux) on your luxury yacht, contact the harbour master's office:

_+33 (0)5 56 90 59 34 or capiport@bordeaux-port.fr

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For a refit or re-supply (food, wine, supplies, nautical maintenance) for your luxury ship (super yacht, mega yacht) Atlantic Port of Bordeaux welcomes you under optimal conditions.


To arrange your call at one of the Atlantic Port of Bordeaux terminals, contact the harbour master’s office at +33 (0)5 56 90 59 34 or capiport@bordeaux-port.fr

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The Bassins À Flot (basins 1 & 2) offer opportunities for drydock wintering or berths suitable for wintering afloat for river cruise boats and luxury yachts in basin 1.

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Recreational boats (max length 15 m) are accommodated in basin 2.

For further information, including availability, contact si-plaisance@bordeaux-port.fr




Atlantic Port of Bordeaux can perform refits and ship repairs alongside or in drydocks for your luxury yacht. At the ship repair yard located in the Marina, your crew will find modern facilities, very close to central Bordeaux and all the attractions (shopping, restaurants, entertainment)

Other repair solutions, covering a wide range of needs, are also available in Bassens or Bacalan.

At all the terminals, Atlantic Port of Bordeaux offers excellent safety and equipment protection, for all types of maintenance operations (mechanical, electrical or metalwork, refits, etc.)

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For any question, contact +33 (0)5 56 90 58 52 or  maintenance@bordeaux-port.fr