• The various directions, departments and services of Bordeaux Port Atlantique

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Governance and Organisation



The Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux is led by Jean-Frédéric LAURENT, Managing Director and President of the Board of Directors.
The Port’s various directorates and departments are presented in our organisational chart.

PHILIPPE DORTHE is Chairman of the board

The Board of Directors is composed of:

  • Jean-Frédéric LAURENT, Managing Director and President of the Board of Directors.
  • Renaud PICARD, Financial Director and Accountant.

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Under the auspices of the Supervisory Board, the day-to-day running of the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux is entrusted to three key directors, led by the President Christophe MASSON, managing director of the Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux.

  • The Supervisory Board, which elects the President, is composed of 17 members, each elected for a five-year term.
    The Board meets at least four times annually, to deliberate on strategic matters and monitor the managerial work undertaken by the directors.
    Latest decisions from the Supervisory Board

The board includes:

  • 5 representatives of the national govt
  • 4 representatives of the regional authorities
  • 5 appropriately qualified persons
  • 3 employee representatives

The President of the Supervisory Board is Mr. Pascal Lefèvre, elected to this position at the meeting held on 9th February 2009.

  • The Directors are responsible for running and managing the Port.
    Based in Bordeaux, the Board of Directors comprises three members, presided by Christophe MASSON, Managing Director of the Port of Bordeaux Authority
    Latest decisions taken by the Directors
  • The Development Committee comprises 30 members split into 4 colleges, representing professional partners, social partners, relevant associations and the local authorities.
    The Development Committee is consulted on matters such as the port’s strategic development plan and price policy, and meets at least twice annually.
  • 1st college. Representatives of the port (9 members)
  • 2nd college. Representatives of the employees of the companies active within the port (3 members)
  • 3rd college. Representatives of the local authorities (9 members)
  • 4th college. Appropriate professional experts with an interest in the port’s development (9 members)

In recent years an Inter-Port Coordination Committee has been established, bringing together representatives of the ports of Bordeaux, La Rochelle and Nantes Saint-Nazaire. This Committee is tasked with organising collective actions to promote the French Atlantic coast and coordinate its continuing development by spearheading a pro-active transport interface policy and encouraging pooling of the ports’ resources.




The Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux became the port’s managing authority following the reform law of 4th July 2008, taking over from the previous Autonomous Port Authority and charged with implementing the principles of sustainable development in its jurisdiction, while respecting the relevant competition laws.
The Grand Port Maritime (GPM) is responsible for:

  • Developing, operating and maintaining maritime access routes to the port,
  • Policing, safety and security,
  • Managing and preserving public resources and natural spaces falling under its jurisdiction (in addition to the maritime zone and river),
  • Constructing and maintaining the port infrastructure,
  • Developing the port’s rail and river links, in partnership with the relevant operators,
  • Developing and managing the industrial and logistical zones linked to the port activity,
  • Generally promoting the port.

The new law stipulates that GPM authorities are no longer qualified to operate industrial machinery, and that control of such equipment should be ceded to loading operators. Meanwhile, GPMs can still establish subsidiary companies to take care of maintenance work.