• Atlantic Port of Bordeaux is committed to a policy of sustainable development.

    The port promotes sea transportation and intermodal freight.


The Gironde estuary, zone of biodiversity


The Gironde estuary, a centuries-old waterway, is also the location of major environmental issues such as marine biodiversity, wetlands and water quality.

Atlantic Port of Bordeaux, whose terminals span the length of the Gironde Estuary, has a dual responsibility:

  • As a manager, the port preserves this biodiverse resource;
  • As a developer, the port incorporates it in its development policy.


Environmental Policy: read the letter from the Managing Director of Atlantic Port of Bordeaux

Learn more: Download the environmental brochure


For any questions or comments, or to report a violation or any other major environmental incidents on the Estuary: environnement@bordeaux-port.fr




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